Mixed martial arts have exploded in popularity. While the sport is in the news and there is a lot known about the fighters' styles and records, there is not much known about them personally, until now. This book, with over 70 vivid, intimate portraits, explores the human side of sixty “tough guys,” those who depend on strength and violence for their livelihoods. But, this book goes further, including people from other physical occupations, including bouncers, a bounty hunter, a combat military soldier, a barroom brawler, and an underground fighter. All of them are tough and none of them would ever quit in a fight. However, here we find out who they really are in their own words, what they fear, how they fight with injuries, and in what ways they are the same as and different from those who do not fight. For anyone with a passion for the human story, this book will be a treasured addition to their library.

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