For the past three years I have been working on a new book project called Tough Guys. I chose this project not just because of my love of portrait making, but also because of my admiration of the men and women who are the subjects of this work. I find these people with their strong will, dedication to their art form, their sport, all the while imbued with discipline and hard work to be highly motivational and inspirational.

My subjects are men and women who are either currently fighting, or have fought in the past. This includes boxers, mixed martial arts fighters, Muay Thai practitioners, bouncers, bodyguards, and underground fighters. All share toughness in grueling training, enabling them at times to withstand an injury while continuing to fight. My fascination with this small group of men and women stems from the fact that they face potential injury and perhaps even death. Yet, they love what they do and tell me they would rather fight than do anything else. I feel that this rare group of people should be documented.

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